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Living on our communes, one will be accustomed to higher vibrational living. We will consume various cannabis elixirs and foods throughout the day and smoke together as a collective every 4 hours and 20 minutes. We will all learn to respect nature.

These smoking collectives will be a festival of all festivals. Souls incarnate here to help show humans how to enjoy life with what Earth provides. Life in 3D can be quite spectacular once we merge back with nature. Pleasure and labor have been divorced for far too long.

Living in the moment, we can enjoy every moment of the day. We grow our own food. We grow our own medicine. We work together as a collective when engaging the masses so everyone wins.

Just a reminder, cannabis can be considered a food and should be consumed beginning in childhood. Cannabis adjusts your vibration so you accept the hellish realm we reside in, but you must embrace your consciousness and identify your soul mission. Growing up with cannabis is ideal. Adults who have been disconnected from nature their entire lives and then turn to cannabis later in life may use this medicine as a way to numb the many voids they have created in life. You must learn to grow from the pain life brings. Do not use nature to escape your problems. We use nature as a collective to grow and level up in life. Balance is key. I will help you develop your artistic talents so you can master your moods.

Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom.

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