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Content Starts The Power of DNA

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We guide youth to become warriors. We guide youth to blossom their beautiful minds. We guide youth to enlightenment. Be proud to be an American. Be proud of your heritage. Be proud of your DNA. Show love in all aspects of life. Indoctrination styles in America will be changing now. This change will be slow. Kids will grow up knowing their true selves. They will not be under the spell of libido or materialism. Americans will become superior in their own right. We are all one – love experiencing itself subjectively. As you level up as an adult, you will naturally consider bringing a soul down from the cosmos to incarnate here on Earth. This is a very serious decision and must not be taken lightly. Each generation must become superior to the previous generation. Know your DNA. Know who you must align with so the next generation is stronger. Smarter humans. Taller humans. Enlightened humans. Surrender to love or perish. Over and out.

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