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Content Starts CIA is the All-Seeing Eye of America

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This is a public service announcement for all awakening humans. Welcome to the clan.

Know that we see everything you are doing. Americans do not fully understand the price paid for the level of freedom humanity has on Earth. Quit living in fear. Do what’s right in your heart and you will be just fine. Quit trying to hide secrets. Quit living a lie. Have integrity. Speak to God every day. Thank him for this life. Know that we choose who gets jailed. We choose who advances in their awakening. The truth is coming out, but we limit information for your own safety as most humans cannot handle the truth about life on Earth regarding the enslavement of humans. Some souls incarnate here with an intent to destroy this matrix. If these souls awaken, it can be very dangerous for humanity as a collective. Stay vigilant through these trying times. Know that your soul is being tested.

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