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Content Starts Nature has been outlawed

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You take nature away from humans and then wonder why you have to deal with stupid ignorant people in public. Children have to go outside and deal with humans addicted to various synthetic substances. Many children live in fear of these demons because of the way they are indoctrinated. We are not forming children into warriors in this country. It can be very painful to awaken to the chaos of this society. Everything natural has been outlawed. Every plant that benefits humans is a felony. Even in states where cannabis is allowed, you can’t simply grow it and sell it on the side of the road. You better make sure you keep good records of everything when Uncle Sam comes knocking. Humans will never realize their full potential until all government is eliminated. Sadly, the ones who control our government have their own separate society and it is NOT America.

Good luck trying to pop up a random farmers’ market without getting tons of permits to pay all kinds of licenses and fees. Let’s say you want to serve others. You have to get all kinds of permits to even start selling your wares in public. Any land you operate on probably has to be deemed commercial so the taxes are ridiculously high. Food doesn’t grow wild anywhere and if it does, you are most likely trespassing when gathering. No one truly owns any land in America. If you don’t pay taxes, they will take your land. It is nearly impossible to function without money. Money has enslaved us all. If you want to be one with nature and do not own land, you are a criminal sleeping anywhere outside unless you travel to designated camping grounds. You better make sure you pay your permits and fees and you better move along within 14 days. Camping outside is banned in all cities unless you own the land. You can’t even relieve yourself outside without risking going to jail. I would love to build random treehouses everywhere so I can just vibe with my friends always having a safe place to sleep with no worries if I paid my taxes. I could care less about money if I was allowed to grow food and medicine everywhere. We have so much land where nothing is grown. We literally could have food growing everywhere so no one goes hungry, but this doesn’t allow them to control you anymore. You better make sure you have a fishing license before you fish and you better make sure those fish pass regulatory requirements before consuming. Authority finds any way to ticket and fine you as they have huge budgets to meet each quarter.

They need you to work every day to contribute to this system. It is quite the accomplishment of how severely humans are enslaved. Humans are obsessed with libido and materialism because of their conditioning. Porn is free for a reason. We incarnate on Earth to enjoy nature and to vibe with one another. We did not incarnate here to accumulate wealth and material objects. Technology has enslaved us all. We are in competition with one another on who has the biggest house or television. We sit in our houses miserable all day judging people’s happiness who have very little. They can’t understand how someone can be happy with so little, but it’s possible. Surrender to love or perish.

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