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Content Starts America conditions children to become mindless work slaves

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It begins with vaccines at birth and continues with K-12 indoctrination. Compulsory education in America conditions children to not be thinkers. Children are wild creatures and find joy in nature. Parents who are clueless force their ways upon them putting their beautiful minds to sleep. Kids can’t be kids anymore. Kids should be outside playing discovering their true selves, not sitting at a desk for 8 hours. We did not incarnate to Earth to accumulate wealth and material objects. We came here to awaken to consciousness to shine our light on the world, so we can make it an even better place for the next generation. Don’t have children if you can’t handle their energy. Don’t have children if you depend on the government for housing and food. Don’t have children unless you can educate them yourself with proper knowledge of the world. Most parents have no idea how to enjoy life if it wasn’t for libido or materialism. You scream at your children because they know how to enjoy life naturally. You teach them how to be an American slave, obedient mindless workers who walk and talk just like everyone else. Kids on our communes will appear to be wild savages from outside perspectives. They will enjoy life to the max and discover their true selves before their 12th birthday. They will be ready to tackle the world by the age of 13 as intended by nature. Natural entrepreneurs, not debt slaves feeding the machine. To be continued…

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