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Content Starts Fire ants have superior DNA traits

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Fire ants are very aggressive, but I feel they may get along with us if we can communicate with them. They definitely are incredibly strong and highly organized. If you disrupt their home, there are literally thousands ready to attack an intruder in an orchestrated manner. There is no way this many humans can organize in such a fast manner. They have to be from another galaxy or something. We can learn much from their DNA. They live underground and may have crash-landed here on a meteor perhaps. I gathered this hypothesis when I dropped some food on the ground. I dropped some salmon and only fire ants came to gather food. I dropped some fruit nearby and sugar ants only ate the fruit. Sugar ants are not aggressive and don’t really bite if they crawl on you. I believe sugar ants are very curious creatures and just want to vibe with humans. Sugar ants are obviously fruitarians and are okay with me. Fire ants are carnivorous and enjoy fish like humans so we may vibe one day, but for now I would avoid them. I am by no means a scientist of ants and this should involve further investigation as we don’t want to assume the diets of any said ants.

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