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Cosplay is so much fun, but what we if could expand the magic to the masses so we can find work for those lost warriors on the street. Whatever happened to Ronald McDonald and his clan of misfits? Those guys had children on a spell of some sort but let’s remember they had bosses. These bosses told them what they could or couldn’t say. Mayor McCheese sold his own nation out in the name of fine china. This leaves us with no real idea of everyday life in McDonaldland as it is truly meant to be mysterious. This man named Ronald was deemed the mascot of all fine dining establishments of McDonaldland. These restaurants have monuments of Ronald constructed with one of them being a bench with a statue of himself sitting on said bench just straight vibin’. I know because I have taken pictures with these Ronald McDonald monuments as he is what I call a true American and this fine American culture shall come alive again in every American city. Big pits of balls. Jungle gym madness. What more do kids need?

McDonaldland is inhabited by Ronald McDonald and a world of characters. This man has surrendered to the cosmic duality of love but unfortunately, his help was questionable. McDonaldland is going through a revolution. Please be patient. Ronald meant serious business when he went viral on the radio in 1963 as seen in this publicity photo obviously high vibin’.
Hamburglar must surrender to love or perish. No man should have to turn to a life of crime to support his love for hamburgers.
Grimace must also surrender to love or perish. We cannot remain this large and continue to hoard Grimace as the new world order is before us and you shall learn how to share to get along in this one world order.
Mayor McCheese did not dine in at McDonald’s and preferred his fancy glassery. True defector to McDonaldland. For his crimes against his nation, he has been replaced by our supreme overlord and was publicly executed by guillotine for his hideous crimes against mankind. The people may never know the whole truth.
Officer Big Mac was enacted under the evil regime of Mayor McCheese. Ronald McDonald knew about the corruption but had to accept the help assigned to him at the time to keep his freedom under the communist regime. Luckily a new supreme overlord has saved all the children of McDonaldland and Officer Big Mac shall be no more.
Captain Crook is forced to step up his game with a new regime on the streets of McDonaldland.
Gobblins have most interesting DNA and must be strengthened and spliced to create new cosmic creatures.
The Professor. Inventor of the psychedelic electronic hamburger machine. They be trippin’ balls in McDonaldland.
Birdie the Early Bird. We had to welcome girls to the clubhouse as the ghouls who worked for Mayor McCheese were out of control. Luckily this early bird did in fact get the worm and indeed saved McDonaldland. In that regard, she is ok with me.
Police Academy 4. Citizens on Patrol.
Proud Bros. Nation. One love. One world order.
Uncle O’Grimacey. Proud Irish uncle. You should be proud of your heritage too. Be more like Uncle O’Grimacey and share a cold beverage today with a friend.
CosMc. This man single-handedly enlightened all citizens of McDonaldland so they could come together as a collective and overthrow their evil Mayor McCheese allowing a new King to be born.
Bernice didn’t catch a lot of camera time, but she won over the hearts of many in McDonaldland with her diverse tastes and peculiar needs.
Ronald ignored boundaries and vibed with all. This is a rare interaction with a vulture of McDonaldland. They knew this man was destined for greatness.
Sundae is alive and well awaiting his next mission.
Iam Hungry. Literally, these were the names of these beasts that stormed McDonaldland. We fed them burgers and love. They are no more.
Mike the Microphone. Keep your dreams alive kids.

Back to my idea. I and the Bros. agree while vibin’ at the Burger King because I am indeed the king of burgers. Every fast-food franchise must have tree house living quarters for 3 said, hosts. These hosts will be the most absolutely insane humans who would never hurt a fly. They have surrendered to the cosmic duality of love and have no idea what in the fuck kind of world this is. We can live in a treehouse and vibe like Burger King every day. Why? Why not. These mascots will entertain guests and keep vibes high while consuming said the king of burgers. We will grow our own medicine on-premises for personal use only and kick-ass basically. Our compensation can be burgers for spreading love as the king of burgers. Obviously, no girls allowed. We will come out sporadically and arrange our treehouses like a fort of some kind I imagine.

We are the rainbow children of Earth. World warriors united in peace and love. One world order is our destiny to redefine humanity.
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