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Content Starts AI aims to replace your third eye

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Pretty soon many humans will become cyborgs with chips located inside their bodies that communicate with various internal and external devices. Technology has been released in a way specifically to condition humans to a new type of enslavement. Most humans will not be awakened to consciousness and will never utilize their pineal gland for astral communications. All humans have the ability for telepathic communications once they condition and fully activate their pineal glands. This is something I will be perfecting for the rest of my life. Air, water, and food have all been weaponized to keep our gifts asleep. Vaccines have been weaponized to keep our minds asleep as well. We have many secrets lying dormant within our DNA which can be activated with proper nutrition following an alkaline diet. Daily meditation is essential. Only a handful of enlightened humans roam the Earth who are true masters of the universe.

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