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Content Starts The Awakening – Written by Karl Marx

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If you are not familiar with Karl Marx, I highly recommend for you to read some of his writings to better understand the struggles between the working class and the ruling class. You may not agree with he everything he writes, but it will help broaden your mind opening up a fresh perspective of the world. I think we all need a break from our reality considering the new world order we are going through.

The following is a poem written by Karl Marx prior to 1837. I will provide some links if you would like to learn more about him.

The Awakening


When your beaming eye breaks
Enraptured and trembling,
Like straying string music
That brooded, that slumbered,
Bound to the lyre,
Up through the veil
Of holiest night,
Then from above glitter
Eternal stars
Lovingly inwards.


Trembling, you sink
With heaving breast,
You see unending
Eternal worlds
Above you, below you,
Unattainable, endless,
Floating in dance-trains
Of restless eternity;
An atom, you fall
Through the Universe.


Your awakening
Is an endless rising,
Your rising
An endless falling.


When the rippling flame
Of your soul strikes
In its own depths,
Back into the breast,
There emerges unbounded,
Uplifted by spirits,
Borne by sweet-swelling
Magical tones,
The secret of soul
Rising out of the soul’s
Daemonic abyss.


Your sinking down
Is an endless rising,
Your endless rising
Is with trembling lips-
The Aether-reddened,
Flaming, eternal
Lovekiss of the Godhead.

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