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Content Starts The United Human Race

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This is the endgame for humanity to be united as one. We have so many extremists who place blame on specific sets of humans, but where does this hatred end? I find various cultures fascinating and I want to embrace the uniqueness of humanity as a whole. We condemn our fellow man because of ignorance. We judge humans because of their ignorance. How about we enlighten our fellow man instead of performing genocide? God-consciousness wants me to help humans through this transition. I want to see every nation on this planet succeed and thrive. There has to be a way for the leaders of the world to remain powerful without inflicting so much pain on their citizens. Admire beauty, don’t obsess. I will be forming my own tribe and our mission will be to help humans surrender to love paving their path to consciousness. We will go after youth because adults are very difficult to deal with. Chucky, I’m coming bro.

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