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Content Starts Why we must end the use of fossil fuels

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We all hear it in the news. Climate crisis. Global warming. Something is definitely going on whether you believe in science or not. All I know is nature needs our attention and ending the use of fossil fuels is the only solution. I know it sounds extreme, but I am going to share memes and content over time that I believe will help you see the light. Let’s say everyone is wrong about global warming and the impending climate crisis. The amount of plastic in our oceans is very distrubing and this alone should motivate you to help with the cause.

Deepwater Horizon oil spill. There is no personal accountability for crimes against nature which is numbing humanity as a collective.

White people used to not sunburn. Enough said. Check out the following link and see how tanning used to be mainstream. The ranges of SPF were commonly between 2-8 in the 1970s. They have increased SPF because we are destroying our ozone layer.

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