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Content Starts Fast food chains represent modern day slavery

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The owners of these chains and their management target welfare receipients since they know their wages will be supplemented by Uncle Sam. Taxpayers ensure these business owners stay wealthy as many of them can’t stay in business if they were forced to pay a living wage. Owners get away with treating their employees as slaves because of the various mental prisons these humans have been indoctrinated to. They live in fear making it nearly impossible to break their bondage. Enlighten your fellow man with truth and knowledge of proper nutrition. Don’t ridicule them because of their ignorance. Humanity must come together so we can shrink government ending the welfare needs of these diminished humans. We have manufactured humans in America, but we can help heal their damaged DNA by placing people and planet before profit always.

It’s very simple. Let’s remember we vote with our dollars. This is the only way we make a difference. Moving forward, be very mindful where you spend your money. Make it a point to always shop local. Find all of your local farmers markets. Work with your neighbors and buy meat in bulk from a local butcher. If we don’t support these corporations who are destroying our communities, they simply go out of business. Most communities have negative impacts from corporate entities. Learn to live within your means and make sure your dollars go to your neighbors always. <3

Be mindful of the owners of the stores you shop with. Many small communities have only a few stores. Make sure you support the ones who are making your community stronger and not the ones robbing money from your community. Only have a dollar store in your town? Get together with your neighbors and form a local farmers market where everyone can buy, sell and trade wares. Kids can make crafts to sell. Seniors have a place to congregate. Community grows stronger. <3

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