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Content Starts Government has no power without the power of the people

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Without the power of the people, governments have no power over us. WE are the ones enforcing corrupt laws handed down by a handful of humans who rule this country to keep everything in their favor. The American way of life is modern day slavery for most of us. It’s simple. Turn off the television and put down the smartphone. Ignore Hollywood and stop obsessing over celebrities, they are humans just like you and I. They honestly do not care about your well-being and are manufactured to keep you distracted from your way of life as an American slave in the 21st century. Vote with your dollars. This is the only vote that really counts. Always make sure you know where you spend your money. Make sure it goes to one of your peers so your community strengthens. Don’t let any money in your community leave your community. This will create very strong communities which are not dependent upon the government. Shop family-owned businesses. Shop local farmers markets. Support business that place people and planet before profit. Ignore politics unless you are a top 1% earner in this country. Don’t give up on your fellow man as we can break the spell of consumerism together. Enlighten your fellow man with truth and knowledge. Don’t belittle them because of their ignorance and failed indoctrination. Boycott all businesses that are corporate entities as they are destroying our communities. When you spend your money with these chains, your money leaves your community. These corporations view us as pawns. They view us as disposable. It’s time to rise your vibrations to fully realize that without the people, they are nothing. We can make a conscious choice to empower our fellow man. If every city in America had strong self-sufficient communities, these corporate entities simply go out of business. Stop giving them your money and they go away. If you don’t have a market where your neighbors sell their wares, organize and form one now. Go door to door and ask your neighbors if they want to contribute to buying property where everyone can sell wares and where neighbors can congregate. They need you to spend your money without thinking about where it ends up. As far as healthcare, we are truly on our own as doctors are indoctrinated in pharma school for 8 years on how to keep customers coming back. They have very little knowledge of treating disease with nutrition and plants. They are not trained on how to cure us. What is really sad, these doctors are very intelligent but can’t see how this system is designed to keep us sick. Police were invented to serve the people, but they only serve the rich. Government was invented to serve the people, but they only serve the rich. Wealthy landowners have the final verdict on which direction this country goes. Never forget WE are the 99%. THEY live while we serve their needs without question. Manufactured humans are the hardest to awaken indeed. Ask yourself this question. Are you really happy? Think hard about this. You have been conditioned to be a consumer and it will be painful to break this bondage. Does materialism and consumerism really make you happy? Do you know your true self and all of your deepest darkest desires? Most of us do not and are a ticking time bomb. A good man is a dangerous man who has illuminated all of his darkness. I am frightened of an asleep man indeed as they can be very dangerous without knowing the darkness they possess. The time has come to awaken to consciousness leaving behind an inferior version of yourself.

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