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Content Starts Prison cities of America

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It can be very difficult and challenging to explore these cities without trespassing. If police approach you and start a conversation while you are outdoors exploring, you can safely assume they are looking for a reason to arrest you. They are not there to be your friends. Remember anything you say can and will be used against you. They are great at twisting your words so it’s best to reply with yes or no answers. Don’t give them anything more than they need because this allows them to brainstorm ideas on how they can arrest you. Move to a part of the country which has BLM land designated so we can become explorers once again safely.

Monopoly is real life folks. We have entire cities in America that I consider to be prisons. Humans trapped in their own mental prisons. Humans are losing their sense of community and togetherness. Rampant mental illness is common. Synthetic drugs dominate their streets since nature has been outlawed. Doctors study pharma school for 8 years on how to keep customers coming back basically. Citizens live in fear of the police. This is not normal thinking. Citizens can police themselves. We pay for the salaries of these police officers with our hard-earned tax money, but they only serve the top 1% in this country. If you make enough money in America, you are above the law. There is no justice system in America as it is now profit-based. If there is simply a fine for breaking a law, this law was designed to keep the lower class restrained as the TRUE ruling class has an unlimited supply of funds.

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