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Content Starts Vaccines are manufacturing a new version of humanity

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The changes go into effect as you breed. Each generation will produce a human that is futher indoctrinated into the various mental prisons America has to offer. These humans are easily controlled because of DNA changes. Strengthen your DNA and follow an alkaline diet. Detox as much as possible. Our air is contaminated. Our water is contaminated. Many of our foods have very little nutritional value and have toxic ingredients that will keep you sick enough to keep seeing a doctor but live until 60 where either cancer or dementia will take you. They don’t want you enjoying your retirement for too long. Teach your children proper knowledge and truth. We are being forced to live offgrid to thrive. If you can’t indoctrinate your children properly, stop breeding. We will have a class of humans awakened to consciousness and then we will have the masses who are enslaved and love their servitude.

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