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Content Starts Heaven for Earthlings

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No property ownership. Everyone lives nomadic in buses and vans. We form tribes and police ourselves traveling in caravans. We vibe in nature with food growing wild everywhere. We all contribute to beautifying nature. Humans have awakened to consciousness and have surrendered to love. We serve our fellow man from our heart. One love.

Welcome to the war on consciousness that is well underway. THIS is what we are fighting for. Once humans awaken to consciousness, all they know is love.

One of the many difficult burdens slowing down the movement is the ruling class that refuses to give up their power and level of control. These families have indoctrinated their children to higher vibrational living, but many look down upon those less fortunate. Many of the top 1% hold monopolies on large tracts of land and are accustomed to a lavish lifestyle. What are we going to do?

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