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Content Starts Pharmaceuticals and emotion

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Be extra careful if you are on a cocktail of pills to address your mental health. Until you master your nutrition without a need for pills, learn to embrace all emotions. Know that pills can sometimes alter your thinking in a detrimental way numbing feelings and emotions that would usually influence decisions you make in life. Numbing emotions can allow you to make poor decisions in life. Step back and look at decisions you make while emotional and correct behavior that is harming you and your loved ones. I plan to elaborate on this topic more but learn to experience the full range of emotions the human vessel is capable of feeling. Sadness. Happiness. Anger. Grief. These are all normal emotions. Learn to embrace them all.

“The soda fountain. Helping make the 90s gay.” This film is from the 1939 World Fair so they are indeed referencing the 1890s. Enjoy this fine piece of American history.
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