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Content Starts Communication without inhibition

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Express yourself fully. Be clear regarding intentions. Don’t be afraid to tell people what’s on your mind regardless if they will be offended. Americans have a difficult time debating politics and religion but I believe we can correct this with proper indoctrination. You should be able to express yourself even when your opinion may be offensive. Freedom of speech means all speech. The entire spectrum. Appreciate different opinions from others. Listen to others. Listening intently shows your fellow man love. You may not agree but you can reply that you understood them then continue with how you view the world. We all just like to be heard. No need to get upset or angry. Enlighten your fellow man. Spread love. Don’t belittle them because of their ignorance and failed indoctrination. Spread your truth. Listen to the truth of others. You can learn about life from anyone. We can become a nation of enlightened citizens. We can make this our America. New America will become a nation of warriors. We will always have different opinions on how to progress but I feel we have to raise our vibrations and quit getting angry when others have vastly different views. Stop forcing your beliefs on others. Correct indoctrination. Help build strong family working units in deprived neighborhoods. Why do we all separate and work jobs we don’t even enjoy? We help corporations get rich when they don’t even support our communities. Form community. Togetherness. Rely on your neighbor, not the government. Shop local. Stop shopping at supermarkets. We must form farmers’ markets on every corner of every neighborhood. Form community gardens in your neighborhood to get to know your neighbors. To be continued.

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