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Content Starts Monopoly families of America

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I understand many families work together and purchase various land parcels creating a legacy over the generations. We support strong family ties. If you happen to hold monopolies over government-assisted housing in which you receive funding from Uncle Sam, my warriors will be coming to talk to you. If you don’t support the communities you take from, my warriors will help you see it our way. No threats. No violence. Different warriors each visit. We will get in your head, guaranteed. If you are going to profit from the government in New America, helping your fellow man is a must. We are looking forward to meeting all of you on our caravan crusade through America.

New America will NOT tolerate wasteful government spending. In my opinion, property ownership is destroying mankind. Over the generations, people become the government. Funding from the government should not line the pockets of private citizens. You don’t just give humans a free hand out. Help them out of their situation due to failed indoctrination from being raised in broken families. These humans don’t know how to take care of themselves much less how to manage tax money you give them as a handout. Instead of food stamps, we enlighten our fellow man on how to grow and gather food. My communes will welcome these humans. Kids who fish and hunt develop into warriors.

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