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Content Starts Capitalism is failing mankind

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Politics in America are dividing us to a point where we are fighting each other in the streets. Let’s remember politics in America are complete theatrics. So many laws are being passed which are destroying the minds of our children. All in the name of money. When you look at the corruption in our government, it all leads back to money. We have leaders who have sold their souls. The blood of the people is on their hands. Capitalism is rooted in all of our problems. It drives people mad. They do anything for profit regardless if it hurts their fellow man. Capitalism is eroding our communities. Capitalism is eroding the family working unit. Capitalism is eroding our values and beliefs. Start placing people and planet before profits.

New America will form a new government that undermines the very factor driving the corruption behind politics. The new motto in America will become people and planet before profits. If you take care of your fellow man, your fellow man will take care of you. Raise your vibrations and see past the left-right narrative. Humans must become civil enough to self-govern themselves if they truly want to break their bondage.

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