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Content Starts New America has new rulers

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  1. Bill Gates
  2. Mark Zuckerberg
  3. Elon Musk

Yes, I am very excited that the world is now being run by intelligent people. Do you really want politicians to continue to oppress us? These politicians care nothing about us. No thank you. My vision of New Earth aligns with intelligent people awakened to consciousness. We see the big picture of how to address the needs of humanity. Humans have much darkness to illuminate on their path to true civility. Raise your vibrations and realize Heaven and Hell are all perceptions of the mind. We have the freedom of choice to choose the pain we endure until we awaken to consciousness. Let’s remember many souls incarnate here on Earth due to heinous crimes committed elsewhere in the cosmos. Yes, Earth is a prison for souls. Many souls incarnate here as well to help with humanity’s advancement into the cosmos. We must become much more civil on a collective manner before we are merged with species of higher intelligence. The truth is dangerous in the hands of some men until they fully awaken.

Understand the duality of the internet. Vast knowledge to help in your awakening. It can also be used as a tool to enslave mankind due to the darkness they possess.
Bill Gates is here to help advance mankind. Raise your vibrations and see past all the lies.
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