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Content Starts Children are suppressed in this country causing their minds to go haywire

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We are shoving all kinds of pills down our children’s throats because indoctrination is completely broken in this country. Why are we not teaching boys about their sexuality early in life? We allow them to go through puberty without proper knowledge regarding sexual behavior. Sex is a sacred act. We can indoctrinate our children to think in this fashion but we are letting Hollywood influence our children’s sexual behaviors. Many kids idolize these celebrities. The media that Hollywood produces is creating severely perverted children. Too much emotion is being suppressed. Girls should be growing up to be warriors and not comparing themselves to others. They should be emotionally sound by the age of 13 allowing them to consent to whatever they choose. Girls trained how to stand their ground. Girls who are lethal with their hands. Kids can’t even be kids anymore in this country. All children from ages 0-7 should be outside exploring themselves and others encouraging their imaginations to go wild. They should not be in a classroom trapped indoors away from our sun. Not only is this extremely detrimental to their physical bodies, but it is also destroying their child-like mind. Depression is rampant because of the broken indoctrination styles in America. Humans are enforcing laws against sacred plants that our children need to heal and thrive. Think about our children. We are killing them with these laws against nature being enforced in the name of big pharma. They have lobbied congress to keep nature outlawed and we are the ones who enforce the laws for them. Every politician is now in fear of big pharma because they have become very powerful in this country. They do not want to piss them off being they are the true gangsters who rule this country. Politicians don’t call the shots, they do. This is why it is up to us to initiate slow change and to correct indoctrination in this country. Proper nutrition and sacred plants will save our children before it’s too late. We have an enemy that has targeted our children indeed.

Boost confidence and self-esteem with the warrior pose. Proper indoctrination for children will include yoga and martial arts. Classrooms will always be held outside with sunlight penetrating their skin at all times.

Children are indoctrinated for 18 years in America which is a crime against humanity as humans are naturally indoctrinated to behave like an adult by the age of 13. They have your mind trapped in a mental prison due to the conditioning that occurs from ages 13-18. Don’t worry, they have a pill to help you adjust to being a slave. Mental illness in this country is a result of our enslavement. This is why we have so many problems on every level you can imagine in this society. It is time to awaken to the fact we all have been enslaved for a very long time regardless of the color of our skin.

We will now be growing a civilization that utilizes all the positive attributes of western civilizations, eastern civilizations, and indigenous civilizations. A trifecta is occurring as a new human is being born. The Mushroom Kingdom comes to life right here in America. Knowledge is now available at our fingertips. Raise your vibrations and quit blaming your fellow man for your own troubles. The time has come to surrender to love and to serve your fellow man. Let’s make the streets fun for all. What do you say?

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