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Content Starts Lost identities, forgotten self

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I’m beginning to understand why we are so divided in America. Many of us do not know how to identify with our forgotten self. We all align with certain types of humans based on the lifestyle we choose to live. I prefer to surround myself with loving nomadic hippies who have surrendered to love. I would check the nomad box if asked to identify my race and would choose the faction I associate with. Yes, we will be creating factions in New America as a network of communes. We can’t move forward in New America identifying ourselves solely by the color of our skin. This is very primitive thinking and it is why we have humans being exploited and abused. America has to redefine how we identify our citizens. We simply can’t call ourselves black or white. This is not a true identity. We are a nation of immigrants completely mixed up. We are forming new humans in this country as I have mixed DNA like many other Americans. Let’s remember we possess an immortal soul and have lived many past lives as an assortment of humans. Many of these humans are now extinct. We must not place blame on anyone moving forward. Let’s invent our tribes and factions in America coming together as a nation and put an end to identifying as colors of the spectrum.

We will no longer place blame on our government for our troubles moving forward in New America. We will master the art of being self-sufficient warriors who aim to serve their fellow man. We have awakened to consciousness and have surrendered to love. This will effectively shrink government over the generations. This is how we make New Earth our reality.

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