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Content Starts The secret formula for success

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1,2,3 is the key to source after all.

Share knowledge as you awaken to consciousness. Americans are conscious about their surroundings.
Enlighten your fellow man and be a civilized American.
Love everyone and everything unconditionally. To be American is to surrender to love.

Fill in the blanks for yourself and unlock the universe. This is a secret formula so don’t tell anyone. 😉 <333

You have been conditioned to have an automatic response when you hear or read the word communism. They don’t want us to realize we have the capability to self-govern. Mankind is being divided due to capitalism. The way the world goes round has destroyed the family working unit. It breeds hatred, envy, and lust. Greed is the root of our corrupt political system in America. It only gets worse until the system will break down as it is not compatible with humanity. This will be painful. Dissolve the opinion structures you have been conditioned to and open up your mind to the possibility that everything you know may be untrue. I love you.
Capitalism breeds lies.
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