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Content Starts The Truman Show

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We all love Jim Carrey, I know I do, so this is a movie I must recommend for everyone to watch. Okay, check this out though. If you are awakening to consciousness, this movie is going to blow you away. I remember watching this when it came out back in 1998, but I did not perceive it as I do now. I just finished watching it again and it’s blowing my mind away. Basically, in my world, Earth is flat and domed just like Truman’s world which is aired to the masses. Our lords watch us just like the world watches Truman. They keep us protected here, but our world is far from perfect like Truman’s world. I think this is why I have been selected for my mission to build a network of communes right here in America. The Mushroom Kingdom will be our little slice of Heaven right here on Earth. There are many humans that deserve this and I am excited to get things rolling over the next 10 years. See you guys soon. I love all of you, I really do mean that. Even you buddy. Now, go watch this movie, then come back and watch the following clip which will really have you thinking about the world we live in. <333

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