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Content Starts Bill Gates is saving mankind

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This idea came to me while reading about an application called Parler that has been removed from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. They claim the app was being removed because of hate speech being tolerated. I get it, you guys want to control the media that influences the masses in your operating system. This led me to start really analyzing things from an outside perspective. Google and Apple aim to enslave the public. When you look at Microsoft Windows, you are pretty much free to install what you want and to explore the internet freely. Microsoft has not implemented updates to restrict what programs you can install or where you can go on the internet. Freedom of speech means all speech including speech you may not want to hear. Google and Apple want to restrict the way you think. Basically, the smartphone has enslaved the public. I know there was a Windows phone, but I don’t believe it is being updated anymore. I plan to just use a flip phone soon for communication and use a laptop for research and writing while vibing in my van out in nature. I recommend for you to do the same until there is an operating system that allows us to take full control of our smart devices.

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