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Content Starts Hairless apes of Earth addicted to orgasms and money

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Yes, you humans are basically hairless apes now thanks to my lords tweaking out your DNA over the generations. You’re welcome. Humans are becoming beautiful cosmic creatures, but most of you have not taken charge of your minds and are not using the gifts we have presented to you. You have leaders addicted to orgasms and money basically. These primitive apes should not be in charge which is why your world is currently in shambles. This great reset will take power away from these apes. We are beautifying humans but many of you are still thinking like low-vibrational primitive hairless apes. New America will be run by enlightened citizens who will advance our country into the cosmos and lead other nations to greatness. We must set an example as a nation that will unite all nations in peace in this one world order. All I can say to the current leaders of the world, collect as much monopoly money as you can while it is still printed. It won’t be used much longer and will become worthless. You better start growing your mind and awakening your true self if you want your future generations to thrive. Consumerism and materialism will not be a thought for our leaders of tomorrow. These leaders will take charge of their minds and will refuse to let primitive instincts dictate their behaviors. My communes will correct indoctrination over the generations seeding society with the warriors who will make New America a reality for all. Cosmic warriors who have surrendered to love and who genuinely want to serve their fellow man so future generations can blossom and grow into the humans we envision.

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