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Content Starts Shaved men are mediocre men

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Not very good I say. I demand to be surrounded by bearded men. True men do not cut their hair. I must admit, I was one of these mediocre men at one time. I now realize the importance of growing one’s hair out as it is similar to an antenna on a television set. Yes, indeed. We intercept from the other side as my lords are always tuned in. You want to be an interesting man I see. Do you own any leather-bound books? When outside, please speak to our sun directly as my lords are watching and broadcasting to the cosmos through our sun. The sun is actually a camera of some sort I believe. It is okay to get angry with our sun, but once you surrender to love, you will no longer be angry. Yelling at our sun will make you look interesting after all and will send your message to our lords. A lens of magnificent light, indeed. Fully experience this human vessel and grow your beards, my Bros. To all you ladies, feel privileged if you can grow a beard as well as you are the new ladies to take over this planet. Shaven women are rather gross, but we accept you. Exactly.

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