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Content Starts Racist humans are the true aliens of Earth

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I just don’t get it guys. I really don’t. How are we judging each other based on the pigment of our skin? We are one united human race which we call mankind. If humans can’t stick together and feel compelled to judge based on skin color, you must be an alien. I’m sorry, no offense, but this makes no sense to me. We all need the sun to thrive which will affect the pigment of our skin over time. Let’s not forget Earth is one big prison for souls and we all have had past lives. Yes, you have had many past lives as all sorts of creatures of Earth. You are maturing your soul until you are ready to awaken to consciousness and ascend out of this matrix. Capitalism is the true enemy of mankind. We can correct indoctrination in any way we see fit. Indoctrination forms the culture of the people. It forms mannerisms. It forms civilized humans. Quit judging humans based on their failed indoctrination styles. Awaken to consciousness with me and let’s fix indoctrination together and let us form this technocracy right here in America. I love you guys. Please try to not judge me. I am an alien myself but I enjoy vibing with the sun indeed.

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