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I remember seeing the campaign regarding “Settle For Biden”. LOL! Dude, no! I don’t want to settle for Biden. No offense, but he has been in politics for 47 years. 47 years is a long time to try to fix America, we need fresh blood. Anyway, this makes no sense. Do not condition Americans to settle for a leader they do not want. Be a warrior and stand your ground. Fight for injustice. Stand up for those less fortunate. Americans are forgetting what it means to be an American. We don’t place our blame on others. We don’t live in the past. We forge bright new futures and learn from our mistakes. Americans are entitled to different opinions, the problem is having a two-party system. Quit calling yourself a liberal or conservative in this country. Break your bondage and see how the democratic party is forging a new type of slave in America. A slave that defends their servitude and serves a party blindly whether they like the candidate or not. I get it, humans will always be farmed and enslaved. I will continue to enlighten my fellow man as being awakened to consciousness is quite painful, but we have to try to make it a better world for future generations. I genuinely care about my fellow man. I genuinely care about children and want to see them truly live in a future New America. Many of you have difficulty dissolving opinion structures that are outside what the media is telling you to do. This is very low-vibrational thinking. We are all human, mankind must become united before we advance to higher realms. This new world order will eliminate the two-party system in America. We will now have a one-party system that no longer divides the people. We the people can have healthy debates on how we can better serve our fellow man and not simply argue on who gets to win the contest of being elected to office. We will debate over real issues that are keeping us divided. Let’s end this left-right narrative nonsense once and for all. President Trump has illuminated more darkness than any president in history. This is a fact and I will list everything he has illuminated below. Wake up. Look at how he is upsetting every single politician. You know our government is consisted of sell-outs and corruption. Think about it. He is pissing ALL of them off. Why? They need him out of the way to continue with their dirty deeds. Stealing from the American public. Enslaving our children’s minds. You are an intelligent being. Why is every politician out to get him? Think about it long and hard. He’s disrupting this severely corrupt system and they are going after him with everything they have. Many of you simply follow the mainstream media narrative without question. You simply love your servitude and defend it. I don’t particularly care to group humans together and call them liberals or conservatives but you guys are really trapped in servitude. Don’t call me a conservative. I am a true anarchist and know the enemy of mankind. Capitalism. It must crumble by any means necessary. Let this just war begin. Let’s remember this government no longer serves the people and our constitution created by our founding fathers support revolution in our current state of affairs. Let’s all come together and break our bondage. I love you.

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