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Content Starts America has an army of slaves at your disposal

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The whole world knows we are a nation of slaves except for us. America is a mecca for demons of the world until we correct indoctrination. We have entire cities full of demonic humans overpowered by their egotistical desires. Obsessed with consumerism and libido. They take advantage of others by any means necessary to get ahead in life. We have a gang in blue who enforce laws that hurt our children. We have leaders who fight to get in power so they can steal from the American public. Yes, this country is run by the insane with the sane citizens in bondage. We have a few places where the citizens have surrenderd to love such as Denver, but most places are beyond frightening to visit.

You better believe people from all around the world come to this country to capitalize off the slaves of America. They know Americans are trapped in mental prisons. Americans know nothing of sacred medicine. Many immigrants come here to simply take advantage of our children. They use our children for their dirty deeds. They take advantage of their weak minds. You better believe they don’t feed their children toxic pills or inject them with toxic vaccines. They don’t consider Americans to be human. They look down upon us. You better start indoctrinating your children with truth and knowledge regarding taking better care of their mental health. Teach your children to embrace all emotions. Know cannabis and mushrooms are sacred plants that must be respected. Sacred ceremonies forge new pathways of thinking leading to consciousness. It’s very obvious we have foreign powers that aim to destroy our children. Our leaders have sold our country out and care nothing about you. Most of our leaders raise their children in other countries, but take advantage of you to steal from the American public. We have one of the most corrupt regimes about to enter office. You better wake up as you are enforcing laws destroying the minds of your own children.

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