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Content Starts Respect the boys and girls in blue

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I had an epiphany this morning regarding our boys in blue in America and felt compelled to share. I know so many of us are conflicted right now in this country. The great awakening of 2020 as we settle into our roles as New America unfolds. I came to the realization we must not group all law enforcement into one bucket and say they are all evil. This is a great lesson in duality. I plan to have communes across this entire beautiful country with off-grid land locations in each state. There are indeed various societies and vastly conflicting cultures that exist. The boys in blue are not all the same. They are indoctrinated very differently in different parts of the country. They have to enforce different rules for different players. That’s the way its going to be until this war is over. Don’t get angry. Accept duality. Different areas of the country set in various circumstances must be enforced in a wide variety of ways. You have to remember this world will always be full of source energy, light and darkness. There will always be a power struggle and our mission will help balance the evil that prevails. I then realized that many of my communes will be run in various parts of the country and will naturally have different cultures forming. What one may be perceive as light, one may be indoctrinated to feel that is coming from darkness. This goes for the boys in blue as well. They are a vast network of families. They have conflict between families and enforce laws in vastly different ways. My communes will become a network of families. I won’t be able to run all of them as they will be networked through our umbrella corporations. We will naturally have conflict. Illuminating darkness and cleaning up America after the pandemic will take many decades. We must learn to work with the boys in blue if we want to win this war with love. End transmission.

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