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Content Starts Next-gen sunless humanoids of the 21st century

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We have been working hard on our line of sunless humanoid vessels which will no longer have a need for sunlight. Mankind will now be divided into sub-classes with many of these classes having dedicated assigned roles in our society. Very important roles indeed. Of course, only the chosen shall breed. These humanoids will all have various assigned thinking spectrums with some diminished in a manner so breeding doesn’t even come to mind silly. Please stay tuned as we plan to have many lines of humans specifically manufactured to meet and exceed all of your various needs.

You may remember him as Johnny 5, he simply now goes by John these days when you can even catch him. The middle-aged robot is a bit of a recluse preferring to live nomadic in the outlandish network of communes that are now becoming commonplace in America. Johnny 5 is indeed alive and will be outfitted with one of our upgraded sunbeam human vessels. He will be joining the ranks of other sunbeam humans to roam the Earth in the 21st standing at over 12ft tall once equipped.

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