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Sun is definitely source energy broadcasting code which we can intercept. All living things download code from the sun and output data in this 3d manifestation of matter. Source energy created everything natural to Earth. We have many intelligent beings that may have fabricated our entire reality. We know for sure we have consciousness energy trapped in this material world. Consciousness is under heavy restraints in this world which I do not fully comprehend or understand. I firmly believe meditation with sun code downloads is optimal for cosmic warriors of America. We will be a minority of humans in New America of course and as we influence society over the generations, we find much needed balance with the darkness of the world. Purple dreaming. My vision for utopia I believe is a wonderful plan all humans can agree with indeed.

Source energy created the first mankind to emerge. My lords now play with genetics and practice eugenics so this one world order can reach a conclusion. Skate or die. Breed for beauty. Over and out.

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