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Content Starts The gift of forgetting

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This is the gift we have all forgotten because many of us have forgotten how simple it is to enjoy life and how easy it can be to simply be happy. Our consciousness vibrates on a level that allows us to live completely engulfed in our own imaginary worlds for the first 7 years of life. Complete bliss if we master indoctrination. This is the gift we receive when we have our souls visit this material world. The gift of forgetting. The most crucial years of indoctrination where we can indoctrinate the chosen rainbow children into imagineers. These imagineers will forge our new world order. Some souls are indeed sentenced here for heinous crimes. Many souls incarnate here for the experience of forgetting. Forgetting about all the worries one knows once awakened again to consciousness. Our communes will allow children to be indoctrinated in a fashion I believe everyone can agree with. We will be forming cosmic warriors that will unite the world in beauty and love.

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