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Content Starts Breathing signals confirmation of our human vessel containment

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Take a deep breath my bros. It’s going to be okay.

These beautiful machines we call our bodies are powered by breath. Breath brings spirit to these bodies. Deep breaths.

Souls are being tricked here and subsequently trapped in this material world.

Ghostbusters trapping souls. Beware. They fabricate human vessels in labs as science experiments to trap the “ghosts”.

Welcome to Earth, year 1 of New Earth. Don’t worry, you will go back to breathing without thought. We don’t want to make your human experience completely unbearable. Honestly, I don’t believe this reality was intended to be a depressing prison. Let’s make it a happier place and raise the collective consciousness of Earth to 5D. What do you say?

Earth is a rather odd challenge as I am sure every reality we encounter is just as unique as this one. Let’s try to make it a better place before we depart.

For many of us, this is the only reality we know. Let’s help everyone enjoy the ride as most souls will be here for a very long time.

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