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Content Starts GMO foods are a product of capitalism

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Capitalism has invented a new style of indoctrination for humans. Humans disconnected from their spirituality. Humans disconnected from nature. Humans disconnected from each other.

You can argue all you want regarding how we don’t have enough food to feed everyone. The world has become overpopulated because of capitalism. We have humans that are completely asleep breeding like crazy. They have been conditioned to behave like primitive animals fully disconnected from culture. These humans do not know how to take care of themselves. They do not know how to gather food. They do not know how to hunt for food. They do not know how to grow food.

The capitalists of the world want humans in this pitiful state of consciousness so they can enslave their minds. Humans have become fully dependent upon the supermarket. Supermarkets are a death trap.

We correct indoctrination so humans grow food once again. We correct indoctrination so humans form community once again. We correct indoctrination so humans no longer shop at supermarkets.

Just imagine community markets in every neighborhood where citizens come to congregate. Everyone is growing unique wares. We all trade our wares and flourish. There is no need for GMO foods as you can see.

Capitalism is holding back the new age. Capitalism is holding back the collective consciousness of Earth. We will not bring Earth to the Heavens until we correct indoctrination and undermine the capitalists of the world. This is slow change, but this is the only way it will work. Stop getting angry with asleep adults. Start conditioning youth and children to the truth as their minds are still open. Believe me, the governments of the world know how important it is to indoctrinate children in their early years. Forced K-12 indoctrination is a disaster in my opinion. Raise your vibrations and break free from this style of indoctrination so 5D living can become our norm. Hybrid material/spiritual world. Sounds fantastic, right?

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