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Now that we have a new president in office, I believe it’s an excellent time to reflect on President Trump’s accomplishments. It’s obvious he illuminated much darkness while he was in office with how much every single politician wanted him out of office. The media portrayed him incorrectly and never publicized what he was actually accomplishing. It was their job to divide America and they did a wonderful job at this. Always look at what politicians are doing behind the scenes and never blindly trust any leader just because your party tells you to. Republican. Democrat. These titles are invented to divide us and it is working quite well. I look at the man running for office and believe America should become a one-party system. I am not a conservative by any means or a follower of Christianity in its current mainstream form. This man was an exception and didn’t follow the playbook. The following site is a great eye-opener whether you supported him or not. He was a true leader for America and always will be.

Anger and violence does not solve anything. Learn to go within and never take your anger out on others. Let’s stop getting angry with asleep adults and correct indoctrination.

“When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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