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Content Starts When we’re ready, we leave

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Try not to get so angry with how the world is. Let’s try to show pity for these humans in their various diminished capacities. They have not figured out how to run their society yet. They are still in an experimental phase. Grow. Evolve. Love. Try to enjoy the human experience. If you are awakening to consciousness and find yourself becoming frustrated with how the world is, try not to let it consume you. Most souls are just not ready to awaken in this lifetime. We are not meant to understand how this world goes round because we are not from here and we will now be leaving. If you have awakened, you won’t be repeating life here after this one. Try to make it a better world. You are wasting your time getting angry with adults over the age of 25. There are so many children lost and afflicted. Let’s correct indoctrination and make it a most beautiful world. What do you say? Who’s with me?

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