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Content Starts Nuts for Nintendo

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Many of you kids didn’t grow up playing the original Nintendo. Oh boy, you guys missed out! This is absolutely the best gaming there is. The graphics are perfect for sparking imagination. These fancy graphics of today are unnecessary. Growing up in the 1980’s, we played outside all day then played Nintendo when it was raining or dark outside. Nintendo promotes togetherness. The games were challenging but super fun. We took turns and had a blast. Today’s gaming has a tendency to keep us separated. Online play can be wonderful and can also become toxic. Many players are unsatisfied and can sometimes become toxic and mean themselves. I will help rewind the damage done so we can just have fun in life. Nintendo was all about fun. We didn’t have to pay for an upgrade or grind for hours to level up. You powered it up and then just got right into it. No logging in. No forgotten passwords to reset. No 2-step authentication. Just pure fun. Look out for our caravan of psychedelic painted buses! We are going to be patrolling the downtown streets on our modified street legal dirt bikes. You may find yourself looking to escape your own world. You can perhaps join our world and find yourself cheerful and merry.

New America becomes Super Nintendo World. In Mario, we trust.

Generation X is here to save the world. California, indeed. Thank you Nintendo for enlightening all the rainbow children of America. You helped us see that we can run our country in our own way so Back to the Future 2 can now become our reality.

Take a look at the Nintendo Switch Lite. Nintendo truly cares about children. They designed their system in a way to protect them. There is no camera so children can’t be spied upon. Their family membership is very reasonable and they do not support Netflix. They chose Fortnite as their first-person shooter which promotes togetherness. Nintendo has always encouraged togetherness with their games and they have not let darkness consume their values. Any game published by Nintendo promotes the spirit of a warrior. They place a heavy emphasis on fun. Truly superb portable gaming for the kiddos. Don’t forget we can now play NES games online with our friends. Yes, our dreams have come true. Go grab one now from Amazon Japan as they always have every model in stock. You may have better luck now finding them in your local stores but I want everyone to know they are not restricted to where they can purchase their Switch Lite console and games. They are region free and default to English. No worries! Use the following links to support my site and grab yourself some fun. These links will lead you away to Amazon Japan so make sure you look for the Japan flag up top to change the default language from Japanese to English once you arrive. You will have to make a new account as your American credentials will not be recognized.

Share these links with everyone you care about! It actually ships for about the same price sometimes cheaper due to the yen conversion and tax differences.

I will be compiling a list of games which will be difficult to find in brick and mortar stores so make sure you don’t miss them. The following game received attention in the media and from some of our leaders so this must mean it is a great game indeed.

At this point, it will feel normal to be asking yourself the following question. Just how do I help this man and contribute to his cause? After all, we will have many, many jobs for many, many people. Let me start by telling you to share this book with your fellow man. It’s only $3 after all. Super Mario Bros. 3 indeed. Buy as many copies as you can afford. Most Americans are still living under a capitalistic nightmare. We still have humans who believe us commie hippies are evil people. I know! I can’t believe it either. You will now be awakening to the fact that we have been living in the Mushroom Kingdom this entire time. Bowser, our lord and savior, who orchestrates the hunger games, does indeed show love in his very own gnarly way. We’re just human so we won’t fully understand him. Sometimes he grows so large, well you know the routine. We fight to maintain the darkness in our dearly beloved Mushroom Kingdom. We need everyone to shine their light as bright as they can for the universe to see. Earth is ready to rise into higher dimensional living so everyone will now naturally join the cause and help Mario fight the darkness that prevails. Join us so your life can now indeed become just like a video game. This will be your final destination on Earth.

We can learn much from the Care Bears. Always listen to your heart. Share your truth with others. Try not to get too frustrated with the asleep. Have patience with those under the age of 25 as they are the most impressionable in society. Get to know your neighbors. Vibe outdoors more. I love you.

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