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Content Starts The Misadventures of Bubba

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I just came across this video and felt compelled to share. If your a fan of Jim Varney, you will most definitely enjoy. Just a heads up, it’s catered towards children. Bubba covers hunting safety which triggered some really deep thoughts. The way we address guns in this country must be revamped. Guns are not as dangerous as many think. They are not dangerous with proper indoctrination. Children must be indoctrinated in how to use a gun safely and how to hunt safely and most ultimately, to love their fellow man. To be human is to be a hunter. It’s part of the human experience. Hunting is a primal instinct and to ignore it will cause much conflict internally whether you realize it or not. We have been accustomed to buying our meats from the market so we are naturally disconnected from aspects of the human experience which means great adventure awaits you. The human experience revolves around overcoming fears. There will be many different types of guns that will be invented over the centuries. Outlawing them just places the guns in the hands of a few which is beyond dangerous for mankind as a collective. We indoctrinate our children on how to respect weaponry and how to hunt safely. This will create a lifelong hobby and will have them treating nature with respect. Ask any hunter, we love and respect nature. If kids grow up around guns and think of them as a tool, we have nothing to worry about.

I know many of us are now vegan and many of us have difficulty converting. This will take generations to correct due to the poor state of our food nutritional values in general. Many fail when going vegetarian or vegan because our foods are simply lacking vital nutrients due to our depleted soils. It’s absolutely necessary to supplement with minerals unless you are growing your own food or buying only organic produce. Let’s try to enlighten our fellow man and let’s remember their nutrition is causing their minds to go haywire. This new age welcomes intelligent health-conscious beings.

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