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Content Starts Shift the pitch of audio streaming to PC speakers and headphones to 432 Hz – Windows 10 tutorial

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I found this tutorial on Reddit and felt compelled to share. Posted by u/martinrie.

This tutorial describes how to shift the pitch of all the audio streamed to your PC speakers you hear to tune it to A=432 Hz without converting any files. This will change the pitch of literally ANY MUSIC SOURCE from 440 Hz to 432 Hz. (Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Google Play, local audio players…)

Step 1:

Install Equalizer APO freeware.

For 64-bit operating systems, download and install this version using the following link.

For 32-bit operating systems, download and install this version using the following link.

If you are not sure, go with 64-bit. The installer will let you know if you need 32-bit.

Step 2:

Find and download any VST Plugin which can do the pitch shift. The following link is a free plugin named PitchProof by Aegean Music.

The VST Plugin has to match your OS architecture – in 64-bit OS, use a 64-bit VST plugin and in 32-bit OS, use 32-bit VST plugin. Unzip the ZIP archive and place the .dll file in the following location. WinRAR and 7-Zip are great tools to unzip archives.

C:\Program Files\EqualizerAPO\VSTPlugins

Step 3:

Go to your start menu and locate Equalizer APO. Open the directory and load Configuration Editor. You can also type Configuration Editor in the search box on the taskbar.

Step 4:

Once Configuration Editor is open, click on the green plus symbol > plugins > VST plugin.

Step 5:

In the new widget that opens, click the blue folder icon to select the VST plugin. For example, Pitchproof. It has to match your 32/64-bit architecture.

Step 6:

Click on open panel or click options > embed to have it open permanently within the widget.

Step 7:

Now set the pitch to 0, blend all the way to wet, detune to -0.320 semitones (to get the 432 Hz music from the 440 Hz music).

Then, click Apply and then OK (if you’ve chosen Options > Embed, there’s no need to do it).

Step 8:

Finally, tick the “Instant mode”.


Now all of the music played on your computer is tuned to A = 432 Hz.

Enjoy 🙂

(Note: PitchProof is a plugin of good quality, but it’s not perfect. Occasionally you may hear some slight wabbling or tune-shifting artifacts. If you would like to have better music experience, there are paid VST plugins with pitch shift like this one

I noticed that PitchProof sometimes alters the tuning in a really weird way – sometimes it isn’t so stable. The VST plugin called MAutoPitch ( is much more stable and doesn’t “wabble” with the tuning like PitchProof. I also noticed that it somehow damages more the stereo experience and also the sound of the “noises” (i.e. hi-hats). For some songs, PitchProof is better and for the others, MAutoPitch is better. So you can install both plugins and switch them as needed.

Download page is Download the MAudio Plugins installer. It is a large download, but we will only be installing one plugin. Once you start the installer, select to install only “VST plugins” and on the next page select only MAutoPitch.

Next click on the blue folder icon in the VST plugins widget to select MAutoPitch once the installer is finished.

Inside MAutoPitch, you need to adjust the knobs exactly this way.

Now all of the music played on your computer is tuned to A = 432 Hz. No need to leave the configuration editor open once done adjusting.

Enjoy 🙂

>> In case the music sounds too choppy now, this will help:

If the music sounds choppy, you have and old or low-powered laptop or PC.

To resolve this problem, you can download another VST plugin to downmix the stereo channels to mono and the program will consume two times less CPU power.

For example – A1StereoControl:

After downloading and installing. Go to Configuration Editor and create a new widget to place this plugin before PitchProof by clicking the green plus symbol in the widget for PitchProof.

Inside the plugin, click on mono. (Then click Apply and OK if you have chosen Open panel.)

In PitchProof, change output from stereo to mono. (Again, finally click Apply and OK if you have chosen Open panel.)

Now the sound is only in mono and it should be smooth.

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