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Content Starts Toxic masculinity is a result of malnourishment

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You can be extremely masculine without being toxic. True masculine men are defenders of women and children. We serve our fellow man and protect our communities. We want to contribute to enforcing justice. This is where we are losing our right to be men in America. They have taken away so many of our rights, one by one, each generation to the point where you can no longer be a man without being a criminal. No shirt? No shoes? No service? This is complete nonsense to make us weak men! Let’s say a man runs his mouth and disrespects your woman. In a normal society, we would knock this man out so he knows to respect women in the future. We can’t do this though without being arrested. We simply can’t enforce love or truly protect our loved ones without being interrogated. It’s a really bad time to be a man. Most Americans have very poor nutrition resulting in toxic masculine behavior. We have genetically modified foods which keep us fat and insane. There’s no talking reason into genetically modified humans. Insane beings that operate in a most broken manner. Pity the asleep, they are very sick.

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