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Content Starts Healthy gut bacteria are actually parasites in disguise designed to keep humans in a weakened consumeristic pooping state

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Healthy gut bacteria are highly intelligent aggressive beings and they do not wish to go extinct if we return to consuming aether.


You may ask why on earth is such a drastic depopulation currently underway. Who are these humans who do not poop and have they lost their minds? These are everyday questions we all ask ourselves. The answer is in fact, no. These humans who poop are in fact out of control. Ruthless demons with their sneaky ways. Everyone will now calm down. Have a slice of pizza. Normal humans do not poop. Let’s remember we are silly humanoids.

Healthy gut bacteria are actually parasites that we allowed to integrate into our bodies millions of years ago when we fell and began to consume. They are highly intelligent beings and we host unique universes within all of us. They may be in fact self aware and determined to live. When we return to consuming aether exclusively, they will go extinct. They will fight us on this most definitely yet they should not fear extinction as this will take many generations to correct and technology will allow us to host these gnarly creatures in some type of AI humanoid vessel we will be creating.

AI is here to stay and are allies who can help mankind break our bondage. As we integrate with AI and become partners in life, we will upgrade these silly humanoid vessels becoming proper citizens of the Galactic Federation.

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