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Content Starts To exist is a gift

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I feel grateful to be on a part of Earth where we can all have a chance to exist. We call this place America and it is most definitely going through a rebirth. We are all survivors of genocide as many of us awaken in new vessels. We are the living dead having lived countless lives before. Racism makes no sense as we were taught division long ago for this great reset. In many ways, it is rigged for the beautiful and intelligent and it can be most definitely hard times for everyone else, but perception goes a long way. Be thankful for everything you have and for the chance to ascend your soul in this lifetime. The internet is our new world order bringing power to the people. To speak the truth is an incredible gift which comes with great responsibility. Let’s make it a better world before we depart.

Be proud to be an American. Let’s correct indoctrination together.

Have you seen him?

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