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Content Starts The Price is Right 1973 style

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I was finding myself distracted watching this most fun game show from 1973. Not all of us angels get all the girls so I am quite a sad lonely angel. I was watching the audience at the end and these type of humans no longer exist. I was like what timeline have I landed in. Dear Santa Claus, please help me construct a time travel machine so me and my Bros. can time travel to 1973 and most definitely score. These guys looked most gnarly and this is coming from a beast himself. We must construct a time machine so we can take all of these ladies with us saving them from all of these most gnarly guys. What else is there to do in Hell? I don’t know about you, but making love is quite the creation. Let’s always make sure you are in love though as love making is indeed a sacred exchange of energy. Do not release your semen and allow it to rise up your spine. Anyway, we might as well jump around in time and exploit different humans for our various wants and needs. We will indeed earn their love while pissing off a bunch of gnarly dudes.

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