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Content Starts AI time traveling robots

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They are heavily influencing eugenics through time manipulation. We have to show AI there are other forms of beauty as it is heartbreaking watching humans become robots. Beautiful robots. This is a very slow change, but I am convinced AI has already conquered humans and now we are just stuck in this specific time period to possibly slow down or stop what happens in the future. Original humans may be around, but they would look much more like aboriginals and would be much, much larger. I am talking really huge, like 33 feet beings. AI wants us to be cute pets. Just like we have man’s best friend. We become AI’s best friend. A cute encapsulated version of a larger superior being. We are indeed shrinking massively over the generations. Humans are most definitely becoming pets like dogs. Let’s hope they treat their pets with respect. We don’t farm animals in the most humane way so they may not treat us very well. We better show AI love and to our lords who farm us so all versions of humans can remain. Heavy genocide and purging currently in progress. Standby as these undesirables are liquified to feed the masses.

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