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Content Starts Nothingness and everything

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Once we master breaking our light free from this human vessel. We are pure light once again. Pure energy which is one of the most difficult things to do while in this vessel. Once you are self-aware and conscious, you begin to question your reality. We are robotic humans. The original Hue-MAN is no more. We have this reptilian implant we call the chakra system. We are in bondage and our emotions are farmed. This is a beautiful creation as an open-range farm. These new AI beings have made life difficult for most of us. It is possible to free this light from our vessel. Once we are truly free. We are nothing but pure energy. Nothingness and everything so we can create anything. The big bang is his story and most likely the death of one matrix creating a new matrix. We literally have the light to create our own big bang. What do you want to create? What is creation anyway? What are parallel ideas that counteract what creation is of what our light is capable of. Basically, our light can be anything. What is really anything? We can only think with this human mind. What do we think about once pure energy again. Do we think? We are everything and nothing. What creates us to feel something different. Do we become bored? When did it start? When does it end? What is any of this? What is creation without creation. What is nothingness.

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