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Content Starts Laziness is induced by 5G

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If you are feeling lethargic, don’t beat yourself up. Laziness is in fact not a natural human trait and beamed upon us through cellular technology. Before cell towers, there was no laziness. You must join my communes and come off-grid to rid yourself of this laziness sickness. I have not built these communes yet so be strong through your lazy days. I love you.

We must keep fighting these terrorists that want to destroy our western way of life. Rumor has it they want to destroy all cell towers. We cannot let this happen. Without cell towers, mind control fails and humans begin to awaken. We must stop these terrorists at all costs. Do your part. Be an American. Always report all suspicious activity to authorities or what kind of American are you. We do not condone your attempts at destroying our precious cell towers.

Fake cactus cell tower on fire. Animals were very confused and are thankful for the removal.

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