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Content Starts How do we replace every “Dollar Store” in every rural city across America with farmers’ markets?

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Sure, you may see farmers’ markets in America, but they are usually now located in metropolitan areas and accordingly priced for the affluent. Most humans no longer have the capacity to enjoy nature like a child anymore. Most humans no longer have the health or stamina to endure nature all day. Quit consuming products produced by corporations and let’s restore old America. An alkaline body will cure all man-made disease restoring your health and stamina allowing you and yours to enjoy nature as intended.

I’d love to see farmers’ markets emerge where all children come to sell the food they grow. Food growing in every yard of America. We can make and trade our own wares having no need for corporate packaged items. Let’s make our own soap once again. Let’s make our own detergents. Let’s make our own soda pop. Let’s make our own cookware and dinnerware. We can sell our foods by weight instead of packaging everything like these corporate giants.

Quit spending your dollars at any corporate entity. Let’s remember we vote with our dollars. We no longer support corporations and they simply shut down and go out of business. These elected officials serve corporate interests and work hard to exploit the general public. We correct indoctrination and achieve order without rulers. We strengthen our communities and have no need for these elected officials. Turn off the television and stop supporting them with your tax dollars. Stop supporting K-12 indoctrination as this is training your children to become debt slaves feeding the machine. Indoctrinate your children yourself and restore the family working unit. We grow our own food. We grow our own medicine. We create our own wares. We trade everything eliminating the need for money which will eliminate taxes being exploited from us shrinking government in the process.

New America!

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